High Altitude Surfing


Each shape has been precisely translated from a surfboard. 

Our quiver aims to facilitate a variety of riding styles in accordance with the terrain and conditions.

to the Trimline

surfboards for snow

shaped by the community

More width, more float

Features a Gently hulled base

from a collaboration of Insight

The long board of snowboarding.

Dropped knee cut back.

Knee deep and knee high.

Eliminate foot drag

swooping carves

slash the frozen water

trim the Alpine

high performance

Ocean inspired dynamics

Twin Fin Sidecut

pushing limits

for the freestyle surfer

Split-second carving performance

Take the high-line

rip up the white room

The single-fin of snowboarding

reverse taper

step your game up

The wingpin


Visions into the future - inspired by the past.

A culmination of 50+ years of snow sliding design exploration with a specific approach to inscribing precision lines upon mountain slopes through a surfers perspective. 

. . .stay elevated!