High-altitude surfing

Our shapes are inspired directly from their ocean counterparts.

Each shape has been translated from a particular surfboard- our quiver aims at facilitating a variety of riding styles in accordance with terrain and conditions.  

5'1 Redtail Hawk 5'4 Step-Up 5'0 Shortboard 4'6 Minni Driver 4'10 GoldFish

Brand new

Tailored to the Trim Line

A surfer aims to find the pocket of the wave. Through trim angle and carving the face speed can be harmonized with pitch.

Start Shredding

a new perspective

Always looking forward

A culmination of 50+ years of snow sliding design exploration with a specific approach to inscribing precision lines upon mountain slopes through a surfers perspective. 


Catch Our Drift

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Surf Stance
Surf Stance
Trim and Carve
Trim and Carve
Featured in Indie Ops
Featured in Indie Ops