4'6 Minni Driver


4’6 - 10 7/8” x 10 1/4” x 11 1/2” R 45’|20’ 


This is our board for the Petite rider.


A culmination of 3 years of R&D with a variety of gals, groms, and smaller dudes (size 6-9 US boot) we strived to create a shape which amplifies performance with ease, grace and fluidity.


More nose for lift in powder, less tail to haul around but enough kick to pop, wide for float and toe-drag prevention while railing carves.


Early rise nose rocker, camber for pump and suspension under the front foot, flat out the back to blend into the carve and a kick squash tail.


Dual sidecut for long to tight turns.


Also excels as a small skatey board for larger riders (size 9-10 US Boot) to fit into tighter pockets and quick bowly transitions.