Elevated Surf Club

Aloha and welcome to the Elevated Surf Club!

First off, we want to express our gratitude for your interest in joining this grassroots styled movement as part of the Elevated Surf Club.

This is a Community based collective of individuals with all sorts of creative backgrounds and committed riders, connecting and sharing the vibes of surfing.


Our experience is shaped by the places and people we interact with

Mountain, board, and people come together to create unique experiences. When integrated, these components cultivate elevated experiences which enhance our expression and Stoke! Our Club members are engaged, collaborative and ultimately stoked individuals. They are part of a tribe and a critical part of our experience and aligning us toward our vision in venturing beyond snowboarding.

Sarah KeartesSurf club member

“Snow surfing is freedom: a way to get back to basics, tune in, unwind, and be grateful for each experience and the magic around us. Riding Elevated means taking your time - getting to know a mountain’s unique personality, and getting to know each other. The shapes let us explore and flow, the Ohana lets us share stoke!”

Rachel LightnerSurf club member

I’m a Minni Fish gal through and through. I’ve been riding the Minni Fish since January 2020 and I just can't seem to get sick of it. I have so much fun learning new ways I can ride that board. It totally crushes in pow, with a big nose and fish tail, it effortlessly floats through deep snow. And don’t even get me started about the Minni Fish on groomers. It allows you to really trust your edge, lay into a deep carve, and play across all sorts of terrain.

Elevated Shapers Collective

A collaborative community of shapers cultivated by the possibilities of exploring surf design and style.

Drawn together and gathered by Elevated

These shapers, artists, and musicians contribute their specialized visions of the world and how we see it and interact with it in a supportive and exploratory expression of creativity in shaping the dream to surf every day.


“My Stepfather while I was growing up was Wayne Rich and he taught me to put myself into each board I shape. I've done it all - every shape and every step of the process- often in the backyard or a bay if I can find one and sometimes glassing at the river bottom when no shops are available. Shaping is not my primary endeavor but it is where I am my most creative.”


“The Shape really matters. The design of the board really changes the experience. Shaping surfboards is a lifelong endeavor of trying to create happiness for myself and others.”

Finding your flow is an art

Aigaras StuartArtist

“I'm an artist, a boarder and a stoke ambassador! Super stoked to be a part of the Elevated SurfCraft community! Have been skating, surfing and snowboarding for years, have always been drawn to the flow like movements of the ocean. I have tried to incorporate that flow into my snowboarding and skating. The elevated boards have been the most radical instrument to experience the zen like flow on snow!”

Julio GiannoniArtist

“While riding, I see waves of snow. Riding those formations is the most similar thing to surfing that I have ever found. When on the piste, I like to carve, I think I just unlocked a proper backside carving and I'm pretty stoked.”



Surf is where you find it
Waves are everywhere
Surfs Up


Radiate Good Vibes


Make Groomers Great Again


Be attentive and attuned
the board has a character and knows where it wants to go
its a dance
follow its lead


we are the movement


Friends on a powder day


personal style x Terrain x conditions


Be involved
share your experience

current chapters


Mammoth, CA
Tahoe, CA
Ashland Bend, OR
Mt Hood, OR
Stephens Pass, WA
Big Sky, MT
Jackson Hole, WY
Winter Park, CO


Milan, Italy
Wanaka. NZ
Niseko. Japan

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