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5'10 Log Video Overview

Hang Loose and glide through low angle and deep powder. The 5’10 Log is our experiment with knee high rolling terrain full of laid back style essential for loose hanging trim and drop knee cutbacks.
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4'6 Minni Fish Video Overview

This surf inspired snowboard was designed by female and grom riders for an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in powder and on groomers.
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5'0 Shortboard Video Overview

As its ocean counterpart, this snowboard is shaped to handle big and small mountain terrain without any excess.
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Tailgate Alaska '23

posted on Oct 12

Alaska seemed further away than ever last spring. We had been stuck in Mammoth all season with a record breaking snowfall which had closed the roads out. And the old adage hung in our minds, “Don't leave good surf in search of better surf.” But it was possibly the last year of Tailgate Alaska and we had made such a bond with Thompson Pass and the community that congregates there in the spring. So we decided to send it.

Meet Juilo Giannoni: The Moustache Guy

posted on Sep 17

Surf’s up in the European Alps, and Elevated Surf Craft is teaming up with its European ambassador to showcase the art of Snowsurfing and Philosurfy that is at the core of Elevated Surfcraft. Meet Julio Giannoni, the Moustache Regazzi Artist and our new Art Director. Julio hails from Maracay, Venezuela, and his journey from the Caribbean Sea to the mountains is an inspiring tale of creativity, passion, and connection.

Snow Surfing v. Snowboarding: What is the difference?

posted on May 17

Snow surfing and snowboarding are both epic winter sports that involve gliding down a snow-covered slope, but they are two distinct activities with unique techniques, equipment and mind sets.