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5'10 Log Video Overview

Hang Loose and glide through low angle and deep powder. The 5’10 Log is our experiment with knee high rolling terrain full of laid back style essential for loose hanging trim and drop knee cutbacks.
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4'6 Minni Fish Video Overview

This surf inspired snowboard was designed by female and grom riders for an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in powder and on groomers.
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5'0 Shortboard Video Overview

As its ocean counterpart, this snowboard is shaped to handle big and small mountain terrain without any excess.
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Ambassador Profile: Nick DiChiaro

posted on Dec 23

Nick has been working at Winter Park for 5 years and is now the Mary Jane Lift Operations Supervisor! Nick is also one of our Ambassadors and loves being able to offer free demos to all who are interested in learning the art of snow surfing. He recently wrote an update that we wanted to share with you all. 

The 4’6 Minni Fish

posted on Jan 05

As part of our mission to develop a quiver of snow surf boards that harness flow and promote grace and harmony, we collaborated with our community to create the Minni Fish. Designed by femaleriders, the goal for the snowboard was to develop a vessel for an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in powder and on groomers. Here is how the Minni Fish came to be.

Japowabunga Rebate Program!

posted on Jan 08

Riding Elevated in Japan this winter? Sign up for our Japowabunga Rebate Program where you can submit content from your trip and earn up to $250 in store credit!