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5'10 Log Video Overview

Hang Loose and glide through low angle and deep powder. The 5’10 Log is our experiment with knee high rolling terrain full of laid back style essential for loose hanging trim and drop knee cutbacks.
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4'6 Minni Fish Video Overview

This surf inspired snowboard was designed by female and grom riders for an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in powder and on groomers.
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5'0 Shortboard Video Overview

As its ocean counterpart, this snowboard is shaped to handle big and small mountain terrain without any excess.
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Frozen Wave: Expression Session

posted on Mar 26

The Swell arrived to Mountain High, bringing a fresh dusting of snow. So many great people and new friendly faces joined our community of snow surfers to ride the frozen wave park at our first ever Snowsurf Expression Session

ESC X KONA Frozen Wave Park at Mtn High

posted on Mar 07

Last year, we wrote about the need for more frozen wave parks. This year, we are teaming up with Kona Big Wave and Mountain High Resort to make the dream of creating more waves of snow at 7,000 ft above sea level a reality!

The 4'10 GoldFish - Elevated History

posted on Mar 02

Over the next season the design and graphic continued to evolve, with no f*%ks given to the naysayers as we couldnt hear them from so deep in the powder fields of the secret testing grounds deep in the SouthWest corner of Lost Trail’s Chair 4 low angle zone.