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5'10 Log Video Overview

Hang Loose and glide through low angle and deep powder. The 5’10 Log is our experiment with knee high rolling terrain full of laid back style essential for loose hanging trim and drop knee cutbacks.
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4'6 Minni Fish Video Overview

This surf inspired snowboard was designed by female and grom riders for an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in powder and on groomers.
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5'0 Shortboard Video Overview

As its ocean counterpart, this snowboard is shaped to handle big and small mountain terrain without any excess.
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Ambassador Profile: Ricardo Cotto

posted on May 05 by Aaron Lebowitz

Meet Ricardo Cotto, he had ridden boards from 30+ brands and as his snowboarding continued to evolve, the major brands simply weren’t producing boards to fit his flow. That winter he got his feet under a SoulMotion GoldFish and the progression of his turns changed forever.

Elevated Alaska SnowSurfing Trip

posted on Apr 15 by Aaron Lebowitz

Surf Quest Podcast 01 Join host, Bryan Murray, as he visits with Elevated SurfCraft's founder, Aaron Lebowitz. The crew worked out of an RV and got up on the Mountains with Helicopter, Snowmobile, Booting, and Split Boarding.

Rachel’s Log– Alaska Adventures

posted on Apr 14 by Aaron Lebowitz

We quickly learned that mornings are typically on the slower side in Alaska, as the days are long this time of year and there really isn’t a rush to be anywhere when you can ski till 8pm. Unless, that is, there is fresh powder to be had.