5'0 Shortboard
5'0 Shortboard

5'0 Shortboard

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5'0 - 11 1/2" x 11" x 12 1/4" R 45'|20'


The Daily Driver.


As its ocean counterpart - this board is shaped to handle big and small terrain without the any excess.


With high performance maneuverability the long sidecut an.d reverse taper drive the trimline across the face without drag, while the tight radius under the back foot cutback on a dime.


Ample nose rocker can take the steepest drop and always climbs above the deepest of pow.


Camber under the front foot provides suspension and pump.


A wide platform under the back foot allows even bigger boot sizes (11-13 US) to tilt it on edge to rail carves without dragging toes.


Round Pin kick tail.



* Replacement Package: If you are exploring this personal ability and would like to add a $120 Replacement Package to your purchase- you will be eligible for a replacement board at 15% below cost if your board becomes unrideable within a 3 year period from purchase.
* Otherwise we recommend taking any issues you incurred while riding to your local shop to repair as best as possible to keep riding. more info






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