Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

Select shapes based on terrain pitch, snow depth, line articulation and rider approach style.

Keep in mind that all boards can ride all terrain, though we have focused on optimizing each shape to excel in its particularity.

First take into consideration the type of terrain that you most often ride. Low angle Green and Blue Runs or Higher angle Blue to Black Runs. 

Then determine the size based on boots and weight. Boards can be up or down in accordance to provide alternative approach in varying conditions: ie daily driver maybe the 5’0 Shortboardand on a 10” + Powder day, maybe select the 5’4 Step-Up for more surface area, or inversely the 4’6 Minni Driver for quick playful skatey transitions.

Most importantly is the rider approach style. Each board is a unique character and will pair with your style. From aggressive ripper of the 5’0 Shortboard to cruisy soulrider on the 5’7 Mega Fish.

All this being said, there are so many variables these are just some guidelines to focus your initial selection. We design a variety of shapes to expand the possibilities of dynamic riding for every rider. While we recommend picking up one shape to complement your All Mountain Twin- you will soon discover that each board has a unique quality relative to the others. Some of our riders may ride as many as 3-4 different shapes per day depending on the mood and may rotate through the entire quiver each week.

So let this info guide you - while allowing your intuition to select the board that calls to you- PS it’s okay to pick merely by color 🤙🏼.

Ideal Snowboard Based on Terrain

Snowboards for Low Angle Green and Blue Runs

Tapered Wide Point Forward - accelerates through drive initiation into turns

  • Goldfish snowboard - size 9-12 / Minni Fish - size 6-9 -  Twin keel Fin sidecut: bob and weave nimble and quick turns
  • Salmon snowboard size 10-14 Twinzer sidecut - bob and weave 
  • MegaFish snowboardsize 9-13 - twin upright fin sidecut long turn drive and back foot tight turns
  • RedTail Hawk snowboard - size 9-12 / Minni Hawk size 6-9 quad fin sidecut : front/center weighted stance - large turns soar and tight turns dive 
  • Log snowboard- size 9-13 single fin sidecut long trim with tight back foot turning for low angle and slow glide

Snowboards for Medium to High Angle Runs

Reverse Taper - long sidecut under front foot and short sidecut under back foot. 

These shapes work best in steeper conditions where the turn is used to reduce speed by weighting the back foot and open up acceleration by driving into the front foot

  • Shortboard - size 9-11 / Minni Driver - size 6-9 - thruster fin: sidecut minimal running length. Quick and dynamic with variation of large to tight turns 
  • Step-Up - size 9-12 bonzer 3 sidecut: extended running length for higher speed and longer contact 

Snowboards for Backcountry Runs


While an all mountain directional twin snowboard may be the most versatile in handling the gnarliest peaks and chutes with variable conditions, we’ve dedicated the Red Tail Hawk shape into split construction to seek out and optimize the deep medium angle clean lines that are on the safer end of the avalanche spectrum, backyard hills and the zones that the extreme riders may just look past because they are so focused on conquering the peak.

All split construction is the most advanced and have been tested to ride without compromise on resort and feel like a solid board (other than the weight of the hardware). We make 2 sizes primarily based on boot size.

  • RTH Carbon Split - boot size 9-13 Ultra lightweight versatile shape for low to semi high angle terrain- loves to set the skin track 
  • Minni Hawk Split - boot size 6-9 

Learn more about our snowsurf shapes and designs here