Dear Surfers,

The stoke is high with the return to winter. Due to La Niña The forecast looks a little sporadic, but when the elements align, a combination of the atmospheric river and colder temps at higher elevation we’ll take the snow when we can get it.

Knowing this, in October, Mexico was in the cards for one last surf trip with the joy of flip-flops and board shorts. We got in the van and traveled deep into Scorpion Bay, Punta Conejo and eventually all the way to the tip of Baja to catch some hurricane swell.

While off the grid one night, a dream of snow snuck in. Where the waves froze and long johns beckoned.

I awoke suddenly and had the feeling that movement northbound was nigh. Coincidentally a fat storm was about to roll into Mammoth and they proclaimed an early opening day. So pedal to the metal, we made it back to the Sierra in three days, just in time.

The initial storm laid a base and was followed by a sneaker pow day. It seemed like everything was lining up for a solid early kick to winter. But the sun returned as did the warm weather — barely freezing enough to blow snow.

Even with the low tide conditions, hordes of enthusiasts traveled to the mountains to get their first taste of snow sliding for the season.

As with every year it seems like a process to gather all the gear, make sure everything still works, and slowly but gradually get the body in shape. The mind on the other hand, after surfing 1000 waves over the summer, was perfectly dialed in.

Whatever the weather decides, we will be out and riding. We look forward to connecting with all of our snow based community on the slopes. Keep an eye open for an elevated surf club near you and pursue the vibe of Surfing the slopes.