5'4 Step-Up

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For when it's double overhead.

With an extended running package up front for added drive and early nose rocker lift, reverse taper shaves off drag against the wave face while the wings hold the edge out the back and low rock pin tail for support without any excess. 

Lay out huge carves with the ability to rapidly adjust. Ride lackadaisically narrow or wide charging stance. 

Also excels as a daily driver for larger riders.




Length: 5'4" 
Nose Width: 11 3/4" 
Waist Width: 11" 
Tail Width: 12 1/4"
Turn Radius: R 47'|21'

 Board Construction:

  • Poplar core
  • PolyUrethane sidewalls
  • Steel edge
  • Sintered base

Trimline Series 

More Tail, Less Nose Width.

Narrower nose shaves off grind and initiates the turn off the rear.


Tech Details

Reverse Taper (Patent Pending)
Narrower nose shaves off grind and initiates the turn off the rear.

Flat w/ 
Early Rise Rocker
Blends board shape to match turn shape.
Early Rise keeps the nose continuously above the snow. 

Bonzer3 Side Cut
R 47|21’ - Fast drive down the line with tight cutbacks.

Wingpin Tail
Full rail with supportive rockered tail without excess surface area.

A special combination of PolyUrethane is used for a damp feel to accommodate edge control.





Elevated Surf Craft Stepup Snowboard Review from thegoodride.com on Vimeo.


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