4'0 Micro Driver (Preorder W '21)

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A performance board For the Groms.

For too long being young in snowboarding equated to being a beginner. But with kids starting to ride younger and younger, by the time they are 8-12 years old the are capable technically and skillfully stylistic to rail carves and charge pow. This board is for these kids - groms - the next generation of snow surfers who are not stuck in the old park twin centric ways or bad habits, rather open to exploration of the mountain wave.

The Micro Driver provides more nose and less tail for efficient powder float, a light posi drive camber provides drive and suspension for the lightweight rider, and progressive sidecut allows precision carvability.

We are offering this board at an extra 10% discounted rate (beyond preorder pricing) for Elevated Families. Reach out to info@elevatedsurfcraft.com for family promo code.

As an effort to help groms who are less financially fortunate we are teamed up with Carving the Future - a non profit providing opportunity to kids to learn to snowboard and will offer the box and to cover shipping of old/outgrown boards to send on to new homes.  Click this link www.carvingthefuture.com for more details on the program.

Length: 4’0 
Nose Width: 10 1/4” 
Waist Width: 9 
Tail Width: 10 
Turn Radius: R 20’|16’ 

Board Construction:

  • Poplar core
  • PolyUrethane sidewalls
  • Steel edge
  • Sintered base


Trimline Series

More Tail, Less Nose Width

Narrower nose shaves off grind and initiates the turn off the rear.

Tech Details

Reverse Taper (Patent Pending)
Narrower nose shaves off grind and initiates the turn off the rear.

Thruster Side Cut
R 20'|16’ - Fast drive down the line with tight cutbacks.

Squash Tail
Short blunt kick tail for manuals.

A special combination of PolyUrethane is used for a damp feel to accommodate edge control.




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