5’3 Salmon: Pre-Order

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The Salmon is an expanded version of our previous super wide shape the 4’10 Powfish. While we pride ourselves on extra width underfoot for superior float and the elimination of toe/heel drag, our Size 13-15 US booted riders asked for more because they have always needed it and the industry rarely listened. So we crafted a limited batch at 5’3 (162cm) and 13” (33cm) underfoot this season specifically for them.

This directional Fish shape provides all the float for a 6’6 250lb rider while eliminating the traditional need for length, providing more maneuverability, more efficiency and enjoyable ride

For the Bigger Riders- this ones for you!


Length- 5’3

Nose 13 1/3”
Waist 12 1/4”
Tail 13 1/4”
Sidecut 30’|20’