5'7 MegaFish

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In the Big Board category the Mega Fish acts like its smaller counterpart the GoldFish off the tail but adds a whole lot more nose and extended running length allowing it charge deep pow and big lines.

Length: 5'7" 
Nose Width: 13 1/4" 
Waist Width: 10 7/8"  
Tail Width: 11 7/8"
Turn Radius: R 29'| 26'

Board Construction:

  • Poplar core
  • PolyUrethane sidewalls
  • Steel edge
  • Sintered base

The Taper Collection 

More Nose- Less Tail Width.

Increase float in powder, quicker maneuverability. 

Set-back inserts.

Tech Details 

Fish Tail

Long edge with minimal surface area acts like a fork through soup and sieves snow to drop tail in pow and allow for rapid turns.

A special combination of PolyUrethane is used for a damp feel to accommodate edge control.




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