GoldFish SurfSkate

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GoldFish SurfSkate

GoldFish SurfSkate

GoldFish SurfSkate


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GoldFish design offers a rad fishtail, wide 7ply natural maple deck, surf concave and roll on grip, perfect for barefoot surf skating. This board provides not only surf training but also style that goes for miles. It’s perfect for diving into your roundhouse maneuvers with ease along with edge to edge riding that feels like you’re pumping full speed down the line. It’s perfect for seeking out ditches to run a muck in or simply cruising down main street with style. 

Dimensions: L32”xW10.25”, 17” wheel base. 


Introducing the GoldFish- we've taken it up a notch with our ultra-light spring loaded gravity casted alloy surf skate truck system, 65mm 78a shred wheels, and swiss whites precision bearings. These features provide the smoothest ride and make it easy to dive into your roundhouse maneuvers with ease, along with edge-to-edge riding that feels like you're pumping full speed down the line.

The GoldFish is perfect for those seeking an exceptional land surfing experience or looking to add some style to their ride. Take it for a spin down main street and turn heads with its striking design and impressive performance. Or, seek out ditches to run amok and unleash your inner rebel.

So, why settle for an ordinary ride when you can have the GoldFish - a board that offers surf training and style that goes for miles? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this board is sure to impress. Elevate your ride to the next level!

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