Snow Surfing v. Snowboarding: What is the difference?

posted on May 17

Snow surfing and snowboarding are both epic winter sports that involve gliding down a snow-covered slope, but they are two distinct activities with unique techniques, equipment and mind sets.


Why We Need More Snow Surfing Frozen Wave Parks

posted on Mar 21

Where the halfpipe and the rail park focus on high levels of performance and risk in airtime and balance, the flow park is designed primarily for ground maneuvers that are expressed through surfing style. Bottom turns, trim, cutbacks, slash/hacks and airs back into transition...


How Yoga and Active Meditation Can Enhance Your Snowboarding.

posted on Nov 27

For winter athletes of all levels, physical fitness is essential for a good time on the slopes. Snowboarders, snowsurfers and all athletes in particular are prone to a wide range of injuries, ranging in severity from bone bruises and sprains to fractures, dislocations or even concussions. Understandably, new snowboarders are always on the lookout for a means to improve their performance in the snow.


Dear Surfers: The Carving Game is On

posted on Feb 04

Dear Surfers, While the swell has been firing along the coast, the high pressure has been holding in the mountains creating beautiful sunny groomer day conditions.


Dear Surfers: Welcome to Winter!

posted on Dec 22

Welcome to Winter!
The weather has been developing and dropping snow all over the Northern Hemisphere. Mountains are open and lifts are spinning and the backcountry is setting up.


Dear Surfers: The stoke is high with the return to winter

posted on Dec 06

The stoke is high with the return to winter. Due to La Niña The forecast looks a little sporadic, but when the elements align, a combination of the atmospheric river and colder temps at higher elevation we’ll take the snow when we can get it.


Innovation by Necessity: The Pursuit of a Surfing Experience on Snow

posted on Jul 15

Snowboarding and snow surfing differ in board style and design, for sure, but...


Surfcraft Theory

posted on May 01

Snow boards shaped for high altitude surfing. In search of Stoke. With the proclaimed death of snowboarding by the industry in 2015 we set off in search of a way to revive the stoke!


Beyond Snowboarding:

posted on Sep 01

This is SnowSurfing.


Featured in Indie Ops

posted on Dec 17