4'6 Minni Fish

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We shape (and are shaped by) Community. 

Gals Shaping Session at @truckeeroundhouse:

From all around the crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe, gathered a group of folks that may not have interacted since the snow melted in the spring or even recognized each other out of the traditional winter bundling and goggles. In this way it didn't matter if you had actually met each other before- an underlying bond had drawn you to this gathering: the common interest in surfing on snow. 

While this particular session was focused on shaping a board for gal riders, dudes and groms mixed and mingled to share in the experience. 

To kick things off @aaron_sababba presented a brief history of snow sliding theory depicted by examples from the Elevated Quiver. While those concepts soaked in the mingling presided over a healthy spread of snacks and non-alcoholic libations. 

Stage 2: Templates, tape measurers,  and pencils. To account for the large turnout we broke into 2 groups headed up by the gals who quickly got to work expressing their ideas through sketches on masonite. With experience and knowledge flowing in from every direction any possible question was readily answered by peers. 

The Final Act: jigsaws, sanders and the under the arm test.

Once the final curves were etched, @kennygood got to work with the jigsaw to zip em free and sand them down. The shapes were passed around for “under the arm” tests then laid down on the floor and stood upon to gauge boot sizing and visualize the ride. Finally color swaths were passed around and agreed upon a version of pinkish orange which is currently all around the mountains in the form of the blooming Indian Paintbrush flower. 

As the group departed from the shop the air outside felt the first tinge of briskness...  the sure sign that we are Enroute back to winter.

Designed by female and grom riders for an efficient and enjoyable riding experience in powder and on groomers.


Length: 4’6 

Nose Width: 12 1/2” 
Waist Width: 10 1/2” 
Tail Width: 11"  
Turn Radius: R 28’

Board Construction:

  • Poplar core
  • PolyUrethane sidewalls
  • Steel edge
  • Sintered base

Check out the review done by Eat Gold Snow: 



The Taper Collection

More Nose- Less Tail Width.

Increase float in powder, quicker maneuverability. 

Setback inserts.

Tech Details

Twin-Fin Side Cut
R 28’ - even arcing radial turn tapered to initiate off the front foot.


A subtle convexity all the way through the base to ease transition from edge to edge.

Fish Tail

Long edge with minimal surface area acts like a fork through soup and sieves snow to drop tail in pow and allow for rapid turns.

A special combination of PolyUrethane is used for a damp feel to accommodate edge control.

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