Surf Stance

The most dynamic human positioning for balance and movement

Like a ninja- forward head, angled shoulders/hips and one foot in front at +25 to 35 degrees of the other at 0 to +8 degrees - shoulder width apart provides a variety of movement possibilities without sacrificing exposure or jeopardizing balance. (alternative to wide duck stance of football players and sumo wrestlers or poopers in the woods)

Turn from the mind’s eye

Assess the terrain and look where you intend to go, allow the head to rotate that direction followed by the shoulders opening or closing then the hips and accentuated by the knees and slight lift or drop of the toes.

The body will tilt naturally as the board pendulums under the upper body. Extend hand to contact snow and prevent facial drag. Avoid tilting at the hips as it throws off the center of gravity.



Head-hips-and heels stay in vertical alignment. Compression engages at the knees, dropping together allowing the hips to sink to heels. Drive forward to accelerate trim speed and lean back to carve the breaks.