This is SnowSurfing

For many years snowboarding has been about imposing a riders will upon the mountain. Conquering the slope from peak to base. Thrashing the mountain, hucking meat, and the championing of the ego.

Surfing on snow -as with its counterpart of surfing liquid waves - focuses in a harmonious relationship between slope, craft and rider. It is a co-authorship of the unique moment provided by nature and the way a surfer interacts with that moment. It is the discovery of an optimal flow through time and space. It is in the approach to the activity. An artistry upon the canvas of the world.

A surfer enacts an attentive attunement , assessing, processing and responding accordingly to the situation under foot. From the awareness of the conditions, the knowledge of the terrain, appropriate board selection, and a state of mind that is present, devoid of expectations and open to possibilities.

To surf is to hitch a ride upon nature's flow and act in accordance. It is a way of moving through the world by active participation.  A surfer cultivates, grows, and harvests the stoke of life- savoring every morsel of it- finding meaning by the connection of moments and pursuing an optimal experience. 

Elevated SurfCraft shapes vessels for this modality of exploration.