Meet Parker Gokey! He is the Terrain Park Manager at Sugar Bowl Resort, a husband/father/family man and has been an Elevated Ambassador since 2019. He first discovered Elevated Surf Craft through Brian Jimenez and Che Contour at Mt. Ashland, Oregon on his way to theBig Wave Challenge in Mount Bachelor. Then he ran into Aaron Sababba at the event and after chatting for hours wanted to become part of the stoke perpetuated by these boards. 

Snow Surfing Board(s) of Choice?

“I first fell in love with theMinni Driver and rode it for the entire season. I really love the style of riding I can achieve on these boards, it’s the most fun I’ve had on a snowboard. Then I added the Shortboard to mysnowboard quiver and it’s become one of the most important tools in my job.”

How Do You Use the 5’0 Shortboard?

“I mostly ride the5’0 Shortboard, it’s my favorite, I trust its edge more than any other board. The board itself gives me an outlet to express myself and I use it as a utility in my job every day— anywhere I need to go on the mountain I can go with this board. I trust it in the park, it gives me enough pop to hit a jump and sturdiness for boxes. And as a groomer, I love being able to create my own corduroy and carve the fresh terrain with my 5’0.”

Favorite Part About Being a Groomer?

“When we build a park, it's a blank canvas to build something for people to have fun on, which is the greatest job in the world. I especially like creating features everyone can enjoy, like the banked slalom.”

Snow Surfing vs Snowboarding, What’s the Difference?

“I have been snowboarding for 18 years and snow surfing for 4 years now. To me snowboarding is technical and in some ways you can just do it the same way over and over. But, when I switch tosnow surfing it’s free and flow and I don't think about going down hill, I think about going all over. Snow surfing in powder… there is no real way to describe the feeling other than it's the best ever.”

Who Inspires You in Snow Surfing?

Precision turning is what I’m all about and watchingIsaac Laredo and Aaron is truly inspiring. Tom is also a huge inspiration for me, he ownsSummit Swirl in Truckee (where you can demo an Elevated board from), grooms Alpine and is a father of three. He loves what he does, loves his family and community and he RIPS. I look at him as future me.”

Tell Us About Your Snow Surfing Quiver

“I have the Minni Driver, Shortboard and the GoldFish and love lending them out to friends. The Minni Driver is great for fast fast groomers, sharp turning ability and huge powder slashes. The GoldFish is amazing in the pow, I just float. And the next board I want to add to my quiver is the MegaFish because, well you can ride it anywhere and it’s so fun!”

What Do You Love About the Elevated Community?

The part about the club is what I love the most is even if you are new, it's all about fun. Plus, you can only get better at turning and getting to the level you want to get to. It's your flow, it’s your groove. And I love being an ambassador, people gravitate towards the boards and talking about them is super easy and fun. And that’s what we want, we want people to ask questions, get into it and have fun.”

What Are You Stoked on This Season?

“All the snow! I love when we put on events, I get to create really fun terrain like for ourAnnual Banked Slalom. This year we have had so much snow, the slalom has turned out better than ever and Elevated is giving a Shortboard and a Minni Driver to the winners!”

About Sugar Bowl Resort

Perched atop Donner Summit,Sugar Bowl Resort has been family owned since the beginning in 1939. While visiting Sugar Bowl much of the historic charm is still maintained within the modern resort. Touches of Austrian character and Bavarian styling provide a glimpse into Hannes Schroll's and other founders' vision for this unique mountain.