Nick has been working at Winter Park for 5 years and is now the Mary Jane Lift Operations Supervisor! Nick is also one of our Ambassadors and loves being able to offer free demos to all who are interested in learning the art of snow surfing. He recently wrote an update that we wanted to share with you all. 

Letter From a Snow Surfing Liftie

As the Elevated Surf Craft community grows, our lift operators are sharing and spreading the stoke like I have never seen before! These snowboards really help push the stoke level high and keep the ongoing confidence level at its highest, inspiring rider to look at the mountain in a different way. Every lift operator who has jumped on a Surf Craft board has fallen in love with it and have a smile from ear to ear. 

This past year in particular has been really special to me with the Elevated community. As you know lift operators do not make large income and are usually sparing everything they have just to get by. The mountain worker discount has been a blessing to those looking to purchase a snowboard of their own. A few of our lift ops and mountain personnel were able to say, “This is my first real snowboard and not a hand me down or thrifted find" and "I never thought I could afford something this nice" and "You guys are the best company ever!" Those who were able to buy a discounted board are so stoked and surprised at how much we care about them. Their appreciation level is through the roof! 

These snowboards bring out a style unseen anywhere else around here. The crew is easily spotted and constantly talked about. Last year we had an Elevated board at every lift shack everyday. 

Elevated Surf Craft not only has become a huge part of the mountain crowd but also a huge part of the lift op lifestyle. A lot of these kids are seeing snow for the first time. A lot of them have snowboarded once or only thought about it.. It’s amazing to see them progress and eventually peek their head into the office one day and say. “Hey Nick... can I try one of those boards today. Can you tell me about it. Can you help me set it up...” I live my life always carrying stoke and joy and it’s so great to be able to offer these employees an outlet to try new things.

This season we started making videos, doing way more backcountry stuff on the Minni Hawk Split Board and holding gatherings throughout the winter where people could talk and test ride all day. 

I have seen more public snow surfing Elevated Surf Craft boards than ever this past year as well. Not only riding them, but coming back with a second or third Elevated board in their quiver. When spotted with an Elevated board, people are always interested in chatting with you on the lifts, ride with you to see your style or get tips on board setup. Everybody seems stoked with the quality of the boards and stories we tell. 

Popular Snow Surf Boards In Colorado

As the directional snowboard continues its takeover, I have noticed that people seem to be really into the long boards rite now. Almost everybody's first choice was the Whiskey Jack or fishtail snowboards like the MegaFish or Goldfish. We have a lot of tall big boot riders out here.

The Step-Up shape took off this past season too! Four lift ops are now riding them and two more have been talking to me about adding the Step-Up to their quiver. They really complement the early morning groomers and handle any terrain. As far as my personal quiver, I have my Minni Driver, Minni Fish and Minni Hawk Split.

I truly feel these snowboards push me to do my best. Not only in actual riding but my work and my life. It’s hard to work a job that you don’t enjoy. It’s hard to make the time pass if you are not having fun. These boards bring that to me. The fun factor. The stoke factor. The “holy sh*t that was the best run of my life” and I get to say that everyday! Ultimately, the board under my feet makes my days the most enjoyable. 

I see in myself how much more confidence I hold while riding year after year. How much more fluid I am constantly becoming and how well I can control what I am riding. These boards have become an extension. Like I have said so many times before this is not just a board, it is A TOOL, the most important tool.

Interested in demoing an Elevated Board at Winter Park? DM Nick @thegrttoyotavan