One of our Ambassadors Isaac Laredo​ gave an epic interview with Chad & Darrin from Dark Starts about his journey to becoming a split-board guide in Beautiful Truckee, CA. 

Issac grew up in New Mexico, and developed a fascination with the snow surfing lifestyle after watching the Disney flick, Johnny Tsunami. He would go sand-boarding with makeshift sand boards crafted by friends, but once he got his first snowboard all of his energy went into snowboarding. The progression really took off when he got a scholarship to snowboard camp. He found his community there and became a counselor, which eventually led him to pursue an Outward Bound Degree at Sierra Nevada College.

Eventually, sharing his knowledge with his friends inspired him to continue his education and create new experiences for others as a split-board guide.

Listen to learn more about how he became a guide and his knowledge to make decisions, manage risk and keep everyone safe. He also shares his preferences on products he enjoys using in the backcountry, including the Red Tail Hawk Split.

We recommend listening to minute :55 - 1:05

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