Surf’s up in the European Alps, and Elevated Surf Craft is teaming up with its European ambassador to showcase the art of Snowsurfing and Philosurfy that is at the core of Elevated Surfcraft. Meet Julio Giannoni, the Moustache Regazzi Artist and our new Art Director. Julio hails from Maracay, Venezuela, and his journey from the Caribbean Sea to the mountains is an inspiring tale of creativity, passion, and connection.

Julio’s SnowSurfing Journey

Julio’s journey with Elevated Surf Craft begins with “The Moustache Guy,” a small surf character he created back in 2018. One fateful night, fueled by creative inspiration, he sent a few moustache illustrations to the Inertia Magazine Facebook page. To his surprise, they loved it and invited The Moustache Guy to do an Instagram takeover. Elevated Founder, Aaron Lebowitz, was among the audience, and this is where the Elevated-TMG connection began. Through this connection, a collaboration was born, leading to an unforgettable trip to the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge in Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. The rest, as they say, is history.

Julio’s journey is not confined to just one board sport. He started as a longboard skater on the hills of El Castano, Venezuela, which eventually led him to surfing at the age of 18 in Cuyagua, Venezuela. A decade later, he found himself carving the Italian Alps with a4’10 Goldfish Snowboard under his feet.When asked about his favorite board, Julio’s heart belongs to the 5’7 Megafish. He recalls his first time taking it on the slopes, initially wondering what he would do with such a massive board. “I just went for it, and as I set my first turn, I understood.”

A Lifetime of Artistry

Julio’s artistic journey began at a young age. “Just before I starting speaking, my parents told me, that when I was just a kid, I would grab a pencil, and draw a circle, then go to my dad, and say in a very poor baby language: "Cao, Cao!", what I was trying to say was "Carro", "car" in English, and by saying that while holding a paper with my circle drawn on it, my dad understood that I wanted a car toy. So, I guess my artistic career/interaction with the world through art, was when I was around 3 years old.” 

Julio’s art style is a result of what he learned and observed over time, integrating experiences into his work. Despite the availability of fancy tools and mediums, Julio’s favorite remains a simple pencil and paper and emphasizes the importance of mastering the basics in art. Julio draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, from Escher to Drew Brophy, Alex Grey, and even children’s drawings that can convey profound messages with just a few lines.


Julio’s advice for budding artist is to connect with that inner source of creativity that emerges in moments of silence, allowing you to experience life with the eyes of an artist and the innocence of a child. He believes that his art and riding have a reciprocal relationship, where riding is visualized through an artistic lens, and art draws inspiration from the experiences of riding.

In Julio’s view, the uniqueness of Elevated Surf Craft lies in its organic growth, starting from scratch and evolving naturally while sharing values and a unique vibe with the community.

When asked what his favorite quote was, he responded with, “We are just walking each other home” by Ram Dass.

From the Caribbean Sea to the European Alps, from The Moustache Guy to becoming an integral part of Elevated Surf Craft as our new Art Director, Julio is a testament to the power of creativity, passion, and connection in the world of board sports and art. His story is a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a small spark of inspiration to ignite a lifelong adventure.