Introducing the Moustache Ragazzis!

Surf's up in the European Alps and Elevated is teaming up with its European ambassadors to cruise the powdery slopes and back country of Austria and Italy. Meet our mustachioed mountain surfers.


Julio Giannoni — our Moustache Ragazzis Artist— is from Maracay, Venezuela and grew up surfing the Caribbean Sea. He expanded his love of surfing to the mountains five years ago and loves finding the connection between the mountains and the ocean.

“While riding, I see waves of snow. Riding those formations is the most similar thing to surfing that I have ever found. When on the piste, I like to carve, I think I just unlocked a proper backside carving and I'm pretty stoked.”

For Julio, the mountain is a place that allows him to connect with nature, enjoy amazing landscapes and fresh air.

“The mountains give me the chance to reconnect with myself while enjoying physical activities; like snowboarding, hiking.”

Julio’s favorite board is the 4'10 GoldFish, because for him it feels a lot like surfing.

“Elevated Surf Craft has allowed me to integrate my experience in surfing with my desire to do snowboarding, it has become an efficient way of taking the surfing experience into snowboarding and vice versa. I also consider the Elevated vision to be very expansive and inclusive, in which I've had the chance to collaborate as a professional artist while doing a lot of snowsurfing, and that's rad.”


Born and raised in Italy, right outside of Milan, spending most holidays at his family mountain house. Thomas started snowboarding at age 10 and always felt a deep connection to the Alps, their stunning landscapes and breathtaking views.

“Backcountry snowboarding makes me feel even closer to nature and I travel the world to find the best riding spots.”

Thomas started out, like many, learning tricks at the snowpark but then transitioned his riding style.

“When I discovered the feeling of freedom that surfing gives me, though, I adapted it to the frozen waves of the mountains and now I am fully committed to surf the snow.”

Thomas rides the Elevated SurfCraft 5’1 Red Tail Hawk “limited edition”, with the unique outline of a diamond tail. It is named after the hawk tail on the bottom, designed and painted by Julio, A.K.A. The Moustache Guy, another member of the crew.

However, when powder is really deep, Thomas opts for the 5’4 Step Up snowboard model because he loves drawing lines.

“Elevated SurfCraft gives me the chance to reinvent my snowboarding style, bringing the surf movements on snow. It makes me feel like I am actually surfing an endless wave… I am extremely grateful to be part of Elevated SurfCraft Club. Every member of it has is own personal style but we all share the greater goal to spread the snurfing principles, good vibes and having fun doing it.”


Meet Mariano Beck A.K.A Mr. Beck. A water and concrete surfer, Mr. Beck came from Porto Alegre to Europe searching for the -—oh for so long dreamed of— white snowy mountains. His unstoppable passion for adrenaline brought him closer to friends who were on the same wavelength and used the same types of boards. He "wears" the Brazilian style of someone who grew up playing capoeira, and going down steep curvy hills and taking endless rides on a longboard skateboard.

“My connection to the mountain is deeply rooted in the dramatic expansiveness of the wild above most of the rest of the world.”

Since 2017, when he had his first contact with an all-white mountain, Mariano realized that by going down a mountain he would be able to surf many different waves in just one drop. Since then he couldn't think of anything else. He accumulated experience and friendships in several trips. Experiencing a 4'10 GoldFish ride for the first time made the magic happen and his satisfaction only increased.

“Having an Elevated experience is true magic— sharing it with a community is true reality.”


Aaron — Elevated SurfCraft Founder— was born in Southern California and then moved to Montana. Board sports played a big role in his life as the primary avenue for him to be outdoors.

“To be able to go up to the mountain every weekend and feel that glide, transported me to when I was younger at the ocean."

Aaron has always had the concept of snow and water being the same principle and the movement and accordance being similar as well. The only thing that prevented that was the equipment. While in japan, Aaron saw a lot of riders utilizing their equipment in order to move in this way, across the terrain of the slope, that looked like they were surfing.

Since then, Aaron has been on a mission. Creating snowboards designed to move on the snow the way a surfboard moves across a wave and cultivating a community of like-minded riders. Over the years, Aaron has gained wonderful support from the surfing, skating and snowboarding community and understands the vision and all terrain surfing.

“Surf is where you find it, imagine it, shape it.”

While his trips to Japan inspired his Elevated SurfCraft journey, he is now finding many riders in Europe that are stoked on this expanded way of riding.