Meet Trevor Hall, snow surfing and finding his deepest state of internal stoke regularly at his home resort of Mammoth Mountain. Growing up in Orange County, surrounded by surfing, he found the perspective of standing sideways the only time to escape reality. 

How Trevor Found Snow Surfing

Pursuing a connection and shifting his outlook on life, snow surfing provided a way of viewing the mountain as a frozen wave and seeing those runs as a carvable ride. After only going after steep technical lines, dismissing mellow blue and green runs, snow surfing taught him to value the little things. 

“Connecting with the mountain instead of conquering it, is a mindset that resonated with me deeply.”

In 2020, the stoke man himself Aaron, recruited Trevor by providing shapes to ride like nothing he has ridden before. Bringing in wide waist width and long side cuts, he knew that once on edge it performed just as it was designed to— to emulate that true surf experience. Owning fishtail snowboards like the 4'10GoldFish and its counterpart, the 5’7 MegaFish, gives him the playful abilities to put down nice long carves or remain playful in all mountain terrain. 

“The boards allow me to carve at high speeds but also have a laid back cruiser. The swallow tail and setback stance make it an absolutely ripper in powder as well. I have had some of the best days of my life on these boards.” 

Having a genuine love for the brand and boards with an internal drive, Trevor is looking forward to achieving quality performance riding. Promoting boards and participating in the Elevated Surf Craft community are among some of his goals for this season. The experience on hill while riding these boards has illustrated that this is not only an activity but a lifestyle of seeing and finding the stoke in unusual environments. 

Trevor is excited to add the 5’4 STEP-UP to his QUIVER of boards. Preparing for anything from the smallest wave face, the double overhead wave to the deepest of pow, knowing and trusting that he can rapidly adjust stances for the charge of a lifetime.

“Striving for the best performance has allowed me to have a heel and toeside that I can say I'm proud of.”