How did you discover Elevated SurfCraft?

I’ve been Aaron’s best friend since he first started riding 7th Heaven at Whistler/Blackcomb 16 years ago. He showed me what it means to be elevated and for this I don’t know what I’m more thankful for, our friendship or the boards that made the bond. 

What drew you to the Elevated journey?

There is a quote from Basho, a Japanese Zen Poet, “Do not follow the footsteps of old men; seek what they sought.” This is a timeless expression of the elevated experience. Those on the mountain who express the best flow know to let go of the tried and true in search of their own experience. 

Letting go of the old ways and making room for the new is what the elevated experience is all about. Why snowboard when you could snowsurf? It was the natural next level of progression, from skiing to snowboarding and from snowboarding to snow surfing—tearing down the old ways in search of the new; a different, more beautiful way to experience the mountain. My best friend was the exemplar, the space was set, the line was drawn, the boards we crafted, and after 16 years of being elevated together, we found ourselves back in Japan enjoying the fruits of our labor by planting new future seeds with fellow mountain spirits to help us grow. 

Which of the Elevated snowboards is your favorite?

My favorite is the red tail hawk snowboard, for my home mountain is the invisible mountain, soaring the heartland of each snow-kissed peak. To follow the trim line, dive across the mountain to search for the sweetest wave with the enormous stoke in the deepest snow! Aaron once explained the whole experience like this, “if you're stoked like I’m stoked, then we are high everyday.” 

Any words of wisdom for future snow surfers?

Movement is medicine for the body and the stoke I receive from snow surfing is medicine for the soul! 

To play is the highest privilege. Free from performance, adults who play return to a state of childlikeness. When we are playing, we experience fun, and when having fun we send out an invitation to the world and others around us to play with us.

   Live your line. 
   Alex Petrogiani