Karakoram - PRIME Quiver-Connector

Regular price $75.00


  • Mounts to standard 4×4 snowboard hole pattern
  • Angles: any angle at 3° increments
  • Works with Karakoram PRIME Splitboard Bindngs only


With the Karakoram PRIME Quiver-Connector you can now get the precision performance of Karakoram bindings on your standard snowboard. Easily transfer your Karakoram Prime bindings between your splitboard and standard snowboards. Make traveling with your quiver easier by stacking your boards like a deck of cards in your board bag.



Active Joining Technology

  • Pre-Loaded Contact Points eliminate binding flexing off of board allowing for immediate power transfer to the edge of your snowboard
  • More power transfer from less movement = better edging control
  • Next level attachment

Wider Connection

  • Extends standard 4×4 hole pattern connection closer to the edges of your board
  • Increases your leverage to the edges of your snowboard