4'10 PowFish

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This short and super wide shape generates tons of speed to stay afloat even in the deepest snow and low-angle terrain. 

With a gently-hulled base it swivels through the trees and reacts to the slightest weight change, also providing ease of edge to edge ability on piste. 

Radial camber loads turns and bobs with playful buoyancy up and over bottomless pow.




Length: 4'10" 
Nose Width: 13 3/4" 
Waist Width: 11 1/2"  
Tail Width: 12 1/2"
Turn Radius: R28'

Board Construction:

  • Poplar core
  • PolyUrethane sidewalls
  • Steel edge
  • Sintered base

The Taper Collection 

More Nose- Less Tail Width.

Increase float in powder, quicker maneuverability. 

Set-back inserts.

Tech Details 

Twin-Fin Side Cut

R 28’ - even arcing radial turn tapered to initiate off the front foot.


A subtle convexity all the way through the base to ease transition from edge to edge.

Fish Tail

Long edge with minimal surface area acts like a fork through soup and sieves snow to drop tail in pow and allow for rapid turns.

A special combination of PolyUrethane is used for a damp feel to accommodate edge control.




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